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Below are the topics that we are going to discuss in this article:

When one joins the college level of learning, there are several tasks that one will encounter before graduating. Some of the tasks include the writing of academic essays and another kind of assignments. This is one of the many tasks in college that most students find stressful in college life.

Another difficulty faced in this type of assignment, for example, in research paper writing, is the starting of the drafting process. On the other hand, picking a winning research paper topic can be easy for some students but also tends to be difficult for other students. Writing a winning research paper will takes a lot of time before it is completed. Thus to help you overcome all these challenges in research paper writing, fleekpaper professional writers team has composed this article that will help you by giving you the best research paper topics.

In most cases, the professors assign students a list of topics to pick from. While on the other hand, students are given the freedom to choose a topic of their interest.

Below, fleekpapers professional writer team has provided you with a list of the best research paper topics. Our essay experts have encompassed all the impressive ideas you may need to write your research paper.

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The pros and cons of choosing a good research paper topic

In order for you to pick the right and good research paper topic for your essay, below are some of the most effective techniques for you to follow.

Techniques to follow in choosing a winning research paper topic

  1. Perform a background check

When choosing a research paper topic, the very 1st step that you should take is to perform a background check in detailed form by using credible sources. This can be conducted by reviewing the existing literature pieces. This is going to help you familiarize yourself with the topics available. In the same manner, it will help you attain the research paper topic questions and a proper definition of the paper topic’s structure.

  • Brainstorm the research paper topic ideas

In order for any student or scholar to archive the writing requirements of a successful research paper, brainstorming the research paper topics is a must. This will enable you to note down the general subjects. From the generalized research paper topics, emphasize the ones that interest you the most and narrow them down. This will be the main step to generating an interesting and impressive research paper.

Always put at the back of your mind the act of avoiding and keeping off from research paper topics that are controversial to the reader. This is because controversial research paper topics can be confusing, thus reducing your confidence as you are backing up your main points in your research paper.

  • Pick out and search for the relevant information.

Here you are to surf through the credible sources of information that pertain to your research paper topic. Find the information that is essential and relevant in regard to your research paper topic. At this point, you can take advantage of scholarly sources and use the facts that are evident to justify your research paper topic.

  • Use the keywords

As you are writing your research paper, it is advisable for you to at all-time use keywords that pertain to the research paper topic that you choose. Take, for instance, your research paper topic is about violence. Thus in relation to this research paper topic, then you can use keywords like domestic violence, gun violence, police violence, and other keywords that link up with your research paper topic.

This is taken in order to keep the reader on his toes and grab his/her attention as they are reading your research paper.

  • Keep your audience in mind.

When you are writing a research paper based on the research paper topics that you choose, you will always remember the target audience. This is an important aspect that one should also apply when you are selecting a research paper topic.

In this section, you are always required to follow the instruction of the writer and the demands made by the instructor. You should always make sure that the research paper topics that you are writing on are approved by the instructor in order for you to go ahead in writing your research paper.

A good and winning research paper topic

For a research paper topic to be a good and winning one, it has to have the following elements:

It has to be unique and original – for your research paper topic to become a winning one, it has to be evident and as unique as it can be from the rest of other research paper topics.

Reliable and specific - the information you present is supposed to be clear.

Trending – this research paper's topics will always tend to be interesting to the readers.

Relevant – the research paper topic is supposed to be of some relevance to the readers.

It should be important – the research paper topic is supposed to be of importance and worth writing about.

The different types of research paper questions

When writing a research paper, one is usually presented with a question by his/her professor. These questions are referred to as research paper questions and usually come in different forms.

The research paper questions are usually in six different forms, and they are:

  • Descriptive research paper question – this is a type of assignment that one is required to describe the research paper’s topic.
  • Explanatory research paper question - here, the main aim is to explore the research paper topics at hand.
  • Interpretative research paper questions – here, one is supposed to express and interpret how a group shares some experiences.
  • Relationship-based research paper question – here, you are supposed to present an understanding of two variables.
  • Comparative research paper questions – here, you make a comparison of two different things.

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2023 best research paper topics

Below are some of the best research paper topics that are unique and outstanding.

Business and marketing research paper topics

  • Women, are they better than men in business activities?
  • In relation to brand marketing, the impact does it have on business?
  • What is the impact of the stock market?
  • The most effective measures in the marketing of business
  • Impact of women in the marketing area?
  • The small invention that can lead to the growth of your business
  • The managing and eradication of corporate abuse?
  • The impact that taxes have on small businesses?
  • How can taxes be managed in order to favor growing businesses?
  • What is the impact of relationships in marketing and businesses?

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Research paper topics on economics

  • What is the impact of immigration on a country's economy?
  • Unbalanced vs. the balanced growth
  • How can inflation be managed and eradicated?
  • How to eradicate poverty in a country?
  • How culture influences the economic growth of a country?
  • A fully detailed Guide on the supply and demand analysis?
  • Income disparity, discussed in relation to history?
  • The rights of properties?
  • What are the differences between public and private finance?

Research paper topics on current affairs

  • The process of becoming a USA citizen can be made easier?
  • Feminism, how has it changed throughout the years?
  • Violence and murder cases, how can the US government change this?
  • How can the safety of officers on duty be enhanced from crime shooters?
  • How can China tackle the population problem?
  • Can India be considered a developing nation or a superpower?
  • Deficit of the Federal Budget, how can it be reduced?
  • Can the economy of the USA be described as a strong one or as a weak one?
  • World War III is this going to happen any time soon
  • The impact caused by the movement Black Lives Matter in the USA and the world at


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Education research paper topics

  • Lesson planning and technology, how do they link?
  • Is a break between the college and high school transition of students in America, is it supposed to be made compulsory?
  • The benefits of homeschooling and the format at large present a discussion.
  • How effective is the standardized test in the learning systems?
  • Should education be made cheaper and affordable to all students?
  • A full overview of funding in the schools and education systems?
  • College students, do they often make more money?
  • What are the most effective learning methods for people with sight disabilities?
  • How can technology change the format of learning?

English literature research paper topics

  • In English literature, the role of mythology?
  • Charles Dickens and Shakespeare, their differences and similarities?
  • Refereeing Shakespeare, what are the controversies associated?
  • In the 20th century, what is the American dream referring to in literature?
  • In the secular age, the relationship between literature and religion
  • How is literature impacted by culture?
  • When Dickens turned to write romantic novels, do you believe it was a failure for him?
  • How can literature be used as a medium to spread propaganda?
  • Hemingway literal works, discuss?
  • The popularity of “Harry Potter” what inflicted this?
  • In relation to the literature, classify the artificial languages.

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Research paper topics for college

  • The ACT of no child left behind, its impact?
  • Impact of organ donation for money exchange purposes?
  • The relationship between the US and North Korea analyzes in relation to historical events.
  • Learning in schools of the same gender, what is the impact on students?
  • Does distance learning have a social impact on students?
  • Discuss SAT differences and similarities to ACT
  • College payment tuition fee planning?
  • In the USA impact of college admission policies?
  • TOEFL vs. IELTS what are their differences and similarities?

The research paper topics for students in high school

  • High school learning activities, can prayer be used as a learning activity among high school students?
  • How can students choose a topic that is controversial and its impacts?
  • What is the focus of students in schools that have students of the same gender?
  • In school cafeterias, should the government impose an impact on the product that is available for students' consumption?
  • The leadership training program, can all high schools impose the use of this program on all students?
  • In accordance with real life, do people out here use mathematical formulas in their day-to-day lives?
  • In relation to real life, should high school learning relate to the thing we do in the outside world?
  • In relation to the jails in China, write a research paper.
  • How Plato’s philosophy affected mathematics.
  • Improving students' skills by writing a research paper?
  • The holocaust survivors, what were its effects?
  • The Vietnam wars media coverage?
  • What is the impact of nuclear power?
  • What were the steps of the industrial revolution?
  • The eradication of poverty how can be tackled in developed countries?

Health research paper topics

  • In relation to human health, what are the effects of household air pollution?
  • What is the impact used by fast food on the 21st-century generation?
  • In school, what are the unique lunch programs for kids?
  • What are the threats and opportunities that are caused by global health security?
  • What are the main symptoms of the causes of vision health, eye blindness, and other eye-related disorders?
  • What impact does climate change cause on human health?
  • In relation to Canada, what is the political climate's impact on human mental health?
  • In relation to smoking in public places and other related places like indoors, should this be made illegal?
  • With the legalization of steroids, what are the impacts this act will have on human health in the 21st century?
  • In relation to art and fashion modeling models, what is the minimum weight that one should have as a requirement?
  •  Communication disorders like deafness in children?

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Abortions research paper topics

  • Due to the dreadful impacts of abortion, outline the prohibition rules.
  • What are the impacts caused to the mum of the unborn victims due to the violence around their mothers?
  • Abortion is supposed to be viewed and charged as murder.
  • In private clinics and hospitals, is it ethical for them making profits from illegal pregnancy terminations?
  • What are the mental impacts on families that partake in abortion?
  • What is the relationship between religion and abortion?
  • What were the rate of abortion in the 21st and the 20th century?
  • What are the facts related to abortion?
  • How can the clinics that partake in this act be managed and also, at the same time, be protected from the riots and demonstrations from the public?
  • Is abortion ethical?

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The research paper topics on psychology

  • How does the act of separation of parents affect the mental health of children?
  • The different types of memory, not forgetting to define the term memory.
  • How are youths in the 21st century affected and impacted by the depression?
  • The reasons why we all dream?
  • How can the government manage and eradicate the act of child abuse?
  • How can we link obesity to watching TV?
  • The mental stress psychological defects?
  • Mental health, how is it affected by obesity?
  • Childhood trauma, discuss its causes.
  • What the forensic psychology and criminal psychology, and what are the effects and impacts of each? Also, discuss the similarities and differences.

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Adoption research paper topics

  • Discuss the issues as to why open adoption is a big lie.
  • What are the effects, concerns, and issues faced in foster care?
  • Why is it that the adoption of culture is brought rise to some issues that are very sensitive?
  • The laws that pertain to the adoption of adults?
  • What are the mental issues caused to children after adoption?
  • What are the issues faced when one is adopted
  • After adoption, the issues faced?
  • When a child is adopted, are they supposed to still be in contact with their real parents?
  • The effects of DNA positive and negative effects?
  • What is the procedure for same-gender couples to adopt a child in a realistic manner?
  • Children with special needs what is the impact on their children?

IT research paper topics.

  • Comment on why the internet doesn't control censorship.
  • Give the reason why texting is affecting literacy.
  • The most interesting app that one should give a try?
  • What is the impact of violent video games on children?
  • Discuss how IT, in relation to the internet, has made home working a normal thing in 21st-century society.
  • In relation to globalization, what is the impact caused by IT?
  • What are the effects of technology, relating to the effects that are commonly long-term?
  • In relation to our day-to-day life problems, what is the impact caused by social media?
  • What impact of IT in changing the world's daily normal activities?
  • What is the impact of IT on learning systems in the 21st century?
  • In relation to social media and IT, how it has the two made the world a better place?
  • Impact of IT on the economy?

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The media and communication research paper topics

  • The history of the film industry since its genesis
  • Censorship online, how can this be managed?
  • How can we detect information that is biased?
  • How does the reality TV show work?
  • What are the impacts caused by social media in the fight against crimes?
  • Why is freedom of speech so important, and how it links to social media?
  • Impact of social media on crimes?
  • Religion and social media, how do they relate
  • Right to express oneself and the freedom of expression discuss the two?
  • What are the impacts caused by advertisements and children?

Computer science research paper topics?

  • Private information and digital security?
  • The essential information  one needs to have on BLOCKCHAIN
  • Database management and creation?
  • Windows and Mac, which one is safer?
  • Is AI helpful or harmful to society?
  • Machine learning and other disciplines?
  • Why is the analysis of data important?
  • In relation to all support services, what are the essential things that one is supposed to know?
  • The SEO basics for beginners?

Research paper topics on sociology

  • Guns and the laws associated with guns in the USA
  • In the 21st century, how can we define conflict?
  • Youth and culture analysis?
  • In relation to the youth, what are the impacts they impose on social media?
  • How can the theft of identity be managed and eradicated amongst ourselves?
  • The beginner’s safety tips on airlines safety precautions?
  • What is the main cause of poverty in the 21st century?
  • How can the government eradicate poverty in the modern world?
  • Interracial marriages?
  • What are the most effective and safe methods for birth control?

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Religion research paper topics

  • Science and religion, how do these two relate?
  • Religion and morality, what is the relationship between the two?
  • In relation to the workplace, how can we manage not to destroy one religion?
  • Work environment and religion, what is the relationship between the two?
  • Religion and modernism, how do the two relate?
  • Global economic order and Christianity discuss the two.
  • In the 21st century, what is the main role played by the church?
  • Impact of religion and crime?
  • Sex abuse and other immoral scandals, what is the church's view on this?
  • The rising religions in the 21st century?

Research paper topics on bullying

  • When one graduates from school, do they go over with the unwanted behaviors?
  • What is the ultimate punishment for bullying in schools?
  • How can we eradicate cyberbullying?
  • Bullying, can this cause murder, and how?
  • Impact of bullying on a personal level?
  • In relation to bullying, are more laws that are strict be imposed?
  • How can school bullying be stopped?
  • What is the main influence causing some students to become bullies?
  • The feeling of one being bullied?
  • Bullying in the workplace, how can it be managed and stopped?
  • The laws in schools that aid in the eradication of bullying amongst students?

Cultural research paper topics

  • In the 20th century, which were the most powerful and influential events?
  • How can individuals avoid ethnic conflicts?
  • To what extent can culture influence people's day-to-day life activities?
  • My community’s culture?
  • The most dominant culture in Africa
  • The culture with the strictest rules in the world?
  • Overview of the African cultures?
  • Cultural revolutions, their genesis, and how there are passed from one generation to another?
  • Best cultures in the world?
  • What is the role of women and men in some cultures?
  • Most shocking taboos in African cultures?

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Argumentative research paper topics

  • Evolution and creation discuss
  • Social media, has it reduced our creativity?
  • Prisoners, are they supposed to be granted the voting right?
  • The reason why women and the meant are not accorded rights that are equal?
  • The reason why 90% of women will always opt for divorce first?
  • Is homosexuality a choice?
  • The analysis of the companies that are most controversial?
  • How are the relationships in the 18th and 19th centuries?
  • In relation to campaigns, perform an analysis of the two most controversial ones.
  • Is it right to always punish children physically when they do something wrong?

Research paper topics on persuasive essays

  • The privatization of the social security
  • The reasons why dogs are better than cats?
  • Some habits one is born with the man they cannot be learned in due time.
  • The labor wage is supposed to be increased?
  • Hunting should be banned as it is unethical and immoral.
  • The testing of beauty products by animals is supposed to ban as it is immoral and unethical.

Research paper topics on persuasive essays

  • The privatization of the social security
  • The reasons why dogs are better than cats?
  • Some habits one is born with, and some cannot be learned in due time.
  • The labor wage is supposed to be increased?
  • Hunting should be banned as it is unethical and immoral.
  • The testing of beauty products by animals is supposed to be banned, as it is immoral and unethical.
  • How do hobbies and carries interrelate?
  • Why should we stop the production of weapons?
  • Mental hospital impacts on society?

History research paper topics

  • Cause of the WWII
  • Are there any events that will cause the rise of world war 3
  • Hitler’s ambitions
  • How did the use of propaganda affect the WW
  • The main cause of the WAR that lasted for 30 years?
  • The main reason for the fall of the Roman Empire
  • In England, what is the history of gender bias?
  • What was the main impact of Apartheid?
  • A brief overview of the bridal ceremonies?

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Art research paper topics

  • Can photography be considered a form of art?
  • What are the differences and similarities between Hollywood and Bollywood?
  • Art, how can it be censored?
  • The rise of art
  • Influence of technology on art?
  • How can art be digitized?
  • Can we consider painting as a full-time job?
  • Investing one's money in the art industry for profit is this advisable?
  • The Bauhaus Movement discusses its genesis and its historical development.
  • What are the different forms of art?

Easy research paper topics?

  • Mental health impact by social networks?
  • How to make a good music video?
  • How are feminism and culture interrelated?
  • What is the impact of white-collar jobs in society?
  • What is the impact of plastic bags on society?
  • What are the factors that influence one behavior?
  • What are the main factors that eradicate sexual harassment?

World problems research paper topics

  • Rural to urban migration, what are the impacts caused?
  • How to eradicate corruption in the government systems of ruling?
  • What are the top endangered species to extinction?
  • How to promote tourism in Africa?
  • What is the impact of a lack of natural resources on a country?

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Crime and justice research paper topics

  • The suicide ethics?
  • Use of body cameras by the police, what impact has it caused?
  • The facts that are associated with hate and crimes?

Funny research paper topics

  • Are school dropouts always successful in life?
  • Harry Potter and the world of wizard
  • The most famous songs for children
  • Best cartoon movies
  • Do you love your Surname?
  • Do men know how to choose the right clothes?

Research paper topics on social

  • What is the importance of marriage?
  • What are the most effective parenting techniques?
  • How has society been affected by the consumption of fast foods?
  • The security of some social networks?
  • Bullying and mental health?
  • What is the impact of socialism?

Environmental research paper topics

  • Long-term solution of plastic?
  • The marine life?
  • How to manage noise pollution by aircraft?
  • Discuss the effects and formation of acidic rain.
  • Without animals and insects, can humans still survive?
  • Is reinforcing the ozone layer possible?
  • Light pollution, how can this be managed?
  • Most shocking taboos in African cultures?

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