Below are some of the topics that fleekpapers professional writers are going to cover in this article on research paper topics:

  • The research paper topics under different levels of education
  • The best-winning research paper topics
  • The trending research paper topics today
  • The tricks and tips for picking the best research paper topic for your essay

Writing a research paper in one’s academic life is one of the most essential skills students should have. This is because research papers always impact students with critical thinking skills, among other related skills that one will use in society. The research paper writing skill will also affect the scholars with the skill being persuasive and argumentative. This skill will later be used in their day-to-day lives.

When writing a research paper, a learner's first step is selecting a winning topic. In most cases, the instructor or the professor will not at all times give you a research paper topic to write on; thus, most students are accorded the freedom to choose a research paper topic of their best interests.

This is because when one is writing a research paper, the main aim of the instructor is to assess and weigh the student’s ability to report on their own from scratch. Thus the best way or do this is to avoid placing and imposing complex topics on the students. At all times, when one is writing a research paper, the students are always advised always to pick a topic that they can easily find easy. When choosing a research paper topic, one should select a topic through which an exciting thesis statement can be effortlessly drafted.

For many of the students, the main task and difficulty come in when one is selecting a particular topic to write on. When a student first looks at all the topics, they seem intriguing at first glance. But when the student starts digging deep, the student will need help getting important and comprehensively detailed information about the topic.

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Research paper topics under the different levels of education

In order to cater to all student's educational needs, fleekpaper.com professional writers have categorized the various research paper topics for the various educational ranks

Research paper topics for middle school students

  • What is the impact of instant texting on literacy?
  • The world human environment, how can we protect it?
  • What are the most effective ways of archiving one's academic aims?
  • How to pick an excellent topic to write about?
  • In relation to generational influence, a movie that caused an impact?
  • The dos and don’ts of becoming a vegan
  • The use of a test that is standardized tests a good way to assess students?
  • What is the best way to follow in choosing a research paper topic?
  • What is the learning of different languages, its impact, and its importance?
  • What is the impact of physical exercise on one’s health?
  • What is the influence of one's behavior by the different learning techniques?
  • What is the mental impact caused by bullying in schools?
  • The dos and don’ts for effective learning.

The research paper topics for students in high school

  • High school learning activities, can prayer be used as a learning activity among high school students?
  • How can students choose a topic that is not controversial?
  • What is the focus of students in schools that have students of the same gender?
  • In school cafeterias, should the government impact the available product for students?
  • The leadership training program, can all high schools impose the use of this program on all students?
  • In accordance with real life, do people out here use mathematical formulas in their day-to-day lives?
  • In relation to real life, should high school learning relate to things we do in the outside world?
  • In relation to the jails in China, write a research paper.
  • How Plato’s philosophy affected mathematics.
  • Are we improving students' skills by writing a research paper?
  • The holocaust survivors, what were its effects?
  • The Vietnam wars media coverage?
  • What is the impact of nuclear power?
  • What were the steps of the industrial revolution?
  • The eradication of poverty how can be tackled in developed countries?

Research paper topic for college students

  • Four-year degree and a 2-year degree, the difference and the similarities
  • In relation to tuition for college students, how can students manage it?
  • How can anybody become a successful politician?
  • Drug abuse and college student academic performance?
  • Let's agree that the students should take the subjects that interest them.
  • All college students should be provided with educational consultants to guide them through the process.
  • The reason why some college dropouts can be billionaires?
  • What is the impact of punishment on most students?
  • What is the impact of having a degree?
  • Some classes specific to gender are supposed to be introduced in the education curriculum.
  • What are the pros and cons of becoming successful in life?
  • The fraud system of education in the USA

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Winning 2022 research paper topics

Suppose you are searching for the best research paper topics this year to make your research paper winning and outstanding. In that case, this is the right place as fleekpapers professional essay writers have encompassed all the winning research paper topics that will make your essay winning. These research paper topics will ease the writing process of your research paper as you can acquire the relevant information easily.

Below are research paper topics in accordance with specific faculties, subjects, or the different units in the various academic levels.

Research paper topics on History

  • In relation to the USA, how was History affected by the civil war in the 20th century?
  • The havoc that World War II impacted
  • The Roman Empire, how and what were the prominent features?
  • Was Marin Luther king? Was he a reformist?
  • In the population at large, how was the era of depression impact its contribution?
  • In relation to the society of America, does racial decimation still experienced?
  • The Stone Age period of the Neolithic compare and contrast?
  • What is the origin and impact of the Hippie culture?
  • In relation to England’s History, the influence of battle hasting?
  • The cause of WWII and its political event?
  • Hitler’s use of propaganda
  • War and terror, the causes and the impacts
  • In relation to the 19th and the 20 centuries, give the differences and the similarities.
  • The origin and History of feminism?

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The research paper topics on art

  • What is the significance of Hitler’s artwork?
  • The ancient drawing of stones, its impact, and significance?
  • In relation to culture and art, how do art and other different movements influence it?
  • The type of dances, including salsa?
  • In relation to Da Vinci’s drawing, discuss the symbolism available
  • In relation and reference to the famous ice sculptures, the History of ice sculptures
  • How is racism in the media being aired out?
  • How the music of rap became the society of the Americans
  • How the slave music dominate in American 21st-century society?
  • What is the difference between the Italian Renaissance and the Northern Renaissance achievements?
  • The minority is realistic. How does the media portray this?
  • In relation to artwork, how did William Blake influence this
  • Romance and portrayal relationships in novels in the 20th century?
  • In relation to landscape painting, what are the different techniques used?

The research paper topics on crime justice

  • How does the brutality of the police impact hate and crimes?
  • The legalization of drugs, will this impact the rise in crime rates?
  • The laws of gun handling among civilians, are they supposed to be amended?
  • Why is the regal age for drug consumption supposed to be 18 years and above?
  • Capital punishments, is the government supposed to allow relaxation in this regard?
  • What are the different techniques used to interrogate the crimes?
  • Bullying, is it supposed to be put into consideration as a crime?
  • Abortion is a state crime; give back through credible proof.
  • The making of crimes, how is child abuse related to this?
  • The institution of society, how can they add to crime reduction?
  • How does the death penalty impact society?
  • What is the impact of killing on society?
  • When it comes to some crimes, such as murder cases, should children be judged the same as adults?
  • The reasons why the act of bullying supposed to be put into consideration as an act of crime?

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Research paper topics for business

  • How does the security of the cyber networks create new business opportunities?
  • In relation to business ethics, do you think that small-scale businesses have these ethics?
  • The traditional business format and the more profitable e-business format?
  • In relation to retailed business, what are the pros and cons?
  • The rate of wage, in relation to the most minimum one, is it supposed to be maintained or increased?
  • In relation to white-collar crimes, what role does the government play?
  • The rise of the entrepreneur culture?
  • What are the pros and cons of a successful business model?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a business?
  • What is the impact of small businesses on society?
  • In relation to the upcoming businessmen, should the veterans of business lend a helping hand?
  • How do the demand and the supply market how interrelate?
  • What is the impact of political instabilities on businesses?
  • In the 21st century, what are the most trending business ideas?
  • What are the most effective marketing techniques to boost the profits of a business?

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Research paper topics on ethics

  • Euthanasia the dos and the don’ts
  • How does the testing of animals violate animal rights?
  • The recreational of should marijuana be legalized?
  • Video games, do they violet the well-being of children?
  • In many schools, how can bullying be maintained?
  • The plastic surgery and teen, how can this be managed?
  • Video games that tend to be violent, how do they affect children?
  • What are the impacts of bringing together religion and politics?
  • What is the impact of a student observing fellow students in exam cheating?
  • In reference to American society, how can we minimize the deaths associated with guns?
  • In college and university life, how can hostility be minimized?
  • The killing for mercy, legalization?
  • Impact in workplaces of the affirmative actions that are often imposed on workers?
  • What is the main cause of the rate of divorce in the 21st century?
  • In accordance with the stem cell, what is the influence on the medicine department?

Paper topics on health and health research?

  • What is the impact of drugs on the mental health of people in the 21st century?
  • The health difficulties that are brought upon by abortions
  • Does obesity cause some illnesses, such as chronic diseases?
  • Is buying medicine without subscriptions supposed to be made illegal?
  • In relation to cosmetic surgery, discuss its negative impacts.
  • In maintaining a lifestyle that is healthy, the reason why vitamins are essential?
  • What are the main aims of reducing the rate of anorexia among college girls?
  • What are health supplements, and are they?
  • Sleep disorders, how are they related to other health defects?
  • How can PTSD be treated?
  • What is anxiety attack and panic attack, and what are their differences and their similarities?
  • What is the most effective method of treating bipolar?
  • What is the main cause of obesity?

Research paper topics on government policies

  • The illegal migration of people in the USA policy?
  • In reference to the patriot 1 & 2 acts, they make a comparison.
  • The state's needs and personal needs, how do the two contradict?
  • In relation to terrorism, how can the people of a certain nation be effectively protected?
  • The domestic policy of Barack Obama?
  • The Obama health care act,  the dos, and the don'ts
  • What are the pros and cons of the health care act?
  • The state policy that changed in the Obama ruling era?
  • Some of the newly imposed policies in Kenya?
  • The main aim that is played in reforming government policies?
  • In accordance with government regulations and policies, how can marijuana be legalized?
  • The reforming of some prisons can reduce the number of crimes in the USA in the 21st century.
  • The corruption reduction and eradication policies in the USA?

Research paper topic on the environment

  • The acid rain, and how is it affected by day-to-day human activities?
  • Global warming what role does the people of the USA have in preventing and eradicating global warming?
  • Pollution of the atmosphere, how can highbred cars cause an impact on this?
  • Deforestation and global warming, how do they interrelate?
  • Ocean oil spill, what is the impact on marine life?
  • How can we recycle waste materials and cause an impact?
  • The global warming policy and climate change, how do they interlink?
  • When we reduce the use of plastics, what impact owe cause on the global warming sector?
  • What are the main causes of water pollution?
  • What is the importance of protecting our wildlife?
  • Fauna and flora, how do they both impact rainfall?
  • How does the greenhouse effect impact global warming?
  • The rate of water hazards, how do they interlink with the rate of global warming being experienced?

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Research paper topics on the History of the USA

  • and the colonial era of the USA
  • What is the main cause of the greater depression?
  • The main cause of the civil war in America
  • Discuss the impact of Martin Luther King on the USA
  • The US political history?
  • The suffrage f women in the US
  • Give an example of some of the most impactful speeches to the citizens of the USA and some of their impacts.
  • What are the reasons being the assassination of Abraham Lincoln as the US president?
  • The war of Chancellorsville and the impact it caused
  • Discuss Martin Luther king's most of his successful steps in life.
  • Journalism and its impact on the WWII
  • What was the impact of journalism in the USA during the Vietnam War?
  • What were the impacts of the cold war in the USA?

The research paper topics on sociology

  • Impact of interracial marriage?
  • In relation to divorce, how are children affected?
  • What is the impact of bullying?
  • Impact of the professionalism of gender equality?
  • How does social media affect the loneliness of a person?
  • Nuclear family, its effects on society, and the dos and don'ts of a nuclear family?
  • Between women and men, who are molested more?
  • What impacts homosexuals in 21st-century society?
  • How is feminism impacted by the modern family?
  • The evolution of cars
  • What is the impact of religion on society?
  • What is the difference between life in urban areas and that in rural areas?
  • What are the women’s rights movements, their impacts, and their importance to modern society?
  • The major issue of the rising rate of rise in the rate of divorce
  • Evolution of the transport sector through the use of evident and credible backup evidence?

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Winning research paper topics on sports

  • Cheerleading, can it be considered a sport?
  • The difference between having a strong mind to that of having a strong body in sports is which one is most effective.
  • What is the significance and impact of physical exercise in schools?
  • Between football and hockey, which sport do you prefer most?
  • Sports, do they impact influence and one emotional well-being?
  • When playing, where should Trans-women be placed on the side of men or that of women?
  • The impact caused by doping on all athletes
  • The reason and impact of steroid consumption amongst wrestlers?
  • The use of animals in some sports activities?
  • What is the impact of sports on some students’ academic performance?
  • Are sports important to young students?
  • How has doping affected sports in the 21st century?
  • What are the impacts of sports in 21st-century society?
  • What are the differences and similarities between some sports activities?
  • Weight lift what its impact on the sports industry/is
  • What is the impact of swimming as a sport in the USA

The best research paper topics in English linguistic

  • Relating to the different eras, discuss the literary elements.
  • Give an evaluation of symbolism in two novels.
  • In character, Dorian Gray discusses the theme of the narcissism
  • Give reasons why writer use simile’s in writing their artworks
  • The different poems discuss the theme of Carpe Diem
  • Do you compare shake spear and Marlowe as contemporaries?
  • Literally is said to be the true mirror in any era. Can this be considered true?
  • How literature is a true mirror of any era.
  • Does Milton Blake discuss his mystics?
  • How is the relationship of Kafka with his father stained relating to his works?
  • How can the popular
  • In accordance with the 20th century, present a woman in this century?
  • How is the popular piece of literature used in the different literary devices?
  • The play Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare describes the romance as?
  • How beauty standards are portrayed in the 18th-century artworks

Research paper topics on education

  • Is face-to-face education supposed to be made mandatory?
  • In the comparison of homeschooling and the usual way of learning, which one is better?
  • The use of technology, will this improve the quality of education given to the current generation?
  • The education opportunities for some females are usually less as compared to that 'of males in the current modern world.
  • Justify the claim that college dropouts are never successful.
  • Education for girls is supposed to be promoted in the 21st century.
  • What was the impact of the pandemic on the education systems?
  • How can poverty be eradicated?
  • Discuss education as a right.
  • In relation to third-world countries, how is education affected?
  • Through education, how can poverty be eradicated?
  • The educational systems in the 3rd world countries?
  • What is the major role played by AL in the education developing center?
  • What is the major and most effective way that we can use to revolutionize education?

The research paper topics on world history

  • In relation to the genocide that happened in Rwanda, discuss the causes.
  • What was the impact caused by Hitler?
  • The Egyptian queen that was most impactful to the society?
  • Nero's fall and demise, what were the causes?
  • In relation to one of the greatest tragedies in human History, discuss the genocide in Uganda.

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Research essay topics on social media

  • What is the impact of social media on family relationships?
  • Blogging, how has it affected information in the different social media platforms?
  • Social media access can be considered a human right.
  • Is it advisable to legalize social media in schools?
  • The banning of social media in school, what effect will it have?
  • How does social media impact small businesses?
  • In finding and giving jobs to talented young fellows, what role does social media play in society?
  • Are some of the social media platforms safe spacesspaces for communicating?
  • Can social media be considered a necessity of life?
  • How companies use social media to get qualified employees
  • Fake news, how can this be managed in the different social media platforms?
  • Can social media be considered the primary source of fake news in society?
  • How do investors use social media to promote businesses?
  • What is the impact caused by social media in relation to face-to-face connection?
  • The impact that social media have to 21st-century teenagers?

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The research paper topics on computer science

  • Why is open software important to the current generation?
  • The manipulation of the robotic modeling?
  • The robotics  AI
  • The major aim of the antivirus?
  • The knowledge of processing?
  • The anomaly detected in cloud and IoT.
  • What are the emerging trends in the technology world?
  • The continuum computing’s future?
  • How productive are robots in society?
  • What are the impacts of technology on society?
  • The real-life application of the natural language processor?
  • The programming languages used in computer science learning?
  • The signal processing, talk about the optimization convex?
  • Internet and human life, how do the two relate?

Zoology research paper topics

  • In relation to a shark attack, what triggers this to happen?
  • The human-eating animals?
  • The honey bee's dopamine modulation?
  • The biodiversity of the estuarine and fluvial fish?
  • The behavior of the predators amongst themselves, how can we understand this/
  • Elephants of the ancient, how do its sounds link to those of human speech?
  • In relation to vaccines, how is the immune system strengthened?
  • The red panda's population, how is it affected by humans?
  • The abilities of the dogs?
  • The reasons why sharks have an unappealing reputation?
  • Discuss the behavior of the ants and the reason why they are so cooperative.
  • The social animal movement rights?
  • What causes the shark to attack?
  • Treatment of animals in an ethical manner?
  • The conservation of animal habitats?
  • What are the characteristics of alligators?

Research paper topics on physiology

  • What is the impact on children caused by child labor?
  • The dreams that link to reality?
  • Can depression be categorized as a mental disorder?
  • What is the main cause of Schizophrenia?
  • What are the effects of child abuse at a personal level?
  • Gender and phycology, how do they link?
  • What is the contribution made by fraud in the psychology field?
  • The mental treatment procedure?
  • Human behavior through Chaucer’s insight?
  • Culture and psychology, how do te both link to one another?

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Winning research paper topics in accordance with paper topics

  1. Argumentative research paper topics
  2. Evolution and creation discuss
  3. Social media, has it reduced our creativity?
  4. Prisoners, are they supposed to be granted the voting right?
  5. The reason why women and the meant are not accorded rights that are equal?
  6. The reason why 90% of women will always opt for divorce first?
  7. Is homosexuality a choice?
  8. The analysis of the companies that are most controversial?
  9. How are the relationships in the 18th and 19th centuries?
  10. In relation to campaigns, perform an analysis of the two most controversial ones.
  11. Is it right to always punish children physically when they do something wrong?
  12. Research paper topic on persuasive essays
  13. The privatization of the social security
  14. The reasons why dogs are better than cats?
  15. Some habits one is born with the man they cannot be learned in due time.
  16. The labor wage is supposed to be increased?
  17. Hunting should be banned as it is unethical and immoral.
  18. The testing of beauty products by animals is supposed to ban as it is immoral and unethical.
  19. Winning research paper topics
  20. Are some women in the different religions suppressed by the rest of society?
  21. What will the health of the ozone layer be in the coming years?
  22. What is the most effective way to counter-attack the act of plastic pollution?
  23. Milk direct from a cow is better than processed one in relation to its health benefits.
  24. Parents that are stuck have more disciplined as compared to the rest.
  25. Research paper topics that are controversial
  26. Animal rights
  27. The death penalty, is it supposed to be banned?
  28. Is the fluoridation of water necessary?
  29. Homeschooling
  30. The native American issues affecting them
  31. What are the benefits of life without social media?

Below are some tips and tricks for choosing a winning research paper topic.

  • Brainstorm on your areas of interest

When it comes to writing a research paper, students often have the freedom to choose a topic that is in their best interest. This is going to make the writing process easy and fun as they will know what to write about.

  • Research on the topic at hand

After you do a brainstorm, you are supposed to always pick the topic that interests you most. The next step after this is to do the research on the topic at hand in order to acquire the necessary knowledge and information about what you are going to write about. As you are doing your research by either surfing through the internet or reading books from a local library, you are required to note down all the required information and most important information, as this will come in handy when writing the original copy of the research paper.

  • Always hinder the instruction of the professor.

When you are writing a research paper, the instructor will always provide you with some set of rules, for example, the word limit or the word count, the sources to use, the format to use when writing your research paper, and more. Thus you should follow this set of instructions as they will be the first thing the instructor will look at before even they start marking your work.

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