Common social issues around the globe

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Women and Power

Gender identity

Same-sex marriage

Hunger and poverty

Empowerment of women



Hunger and poverty

Health care availability

Climate change

Racism and discrimination against religion

The list of economic and social issues that the current world is facing is never-ending. Whenever the sun rises, people are always encountering a list of issues and problems that are never-ending.

Till the end of the last decade, a list of social issues has since emerged. Making a comparison of since the year 2020, a lot of issues have emerged, and some of them are the resignation of systematic racism, Black Lives Matter Racism, police brutality, and gender equality. Due to the change in climate, food security and inequality of gender have become long-term issues.

We cannot assume the pandemic that was of the most historical turndown that led to millions of unemployed personnel around the globe.

This list of social problems is endless. The act of encompassing the top common and popular list of social issues is not an essay thing. The creation of a list of social issues that are well-known to the public at large is not an essay task as well. But professional writers team is equal to the task and has created a list of the social issues around the globe that will help you to create a winning essay.

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The largest social issue in the year 2023

Before we dive into the list, let us first look at the meaning behind the name “social issues." A problem that impacts everyone in the whole society is referred to as a social issue or a social problem. Social issue is a topic that is intense to talk about. This is because everyone on the globe is trying to find the solution to the problem regardless of their different backgrounds. For example, everyone is trying to find a permanent solution to Black Lives Matter.

Social issues are sources of opinion that disagree due to the question of which act is morally upright and which is not in solving a certain problem.

The economic issues and the social issues are different and thus are separately and differently categorized. On the other hand, some of the social issues and the economic issues, at times, merge and link to one another. Examples of the social issues and the economic issues that interlink is immigration and inequality of wage. But at times, some of the issues do not fall into this discipline, and the example may be warfare.

Having a list of the social issues for a student before writing a paper or an essay can be quite helpful to the student. This is because the student is going to have a lot of topics to choose from when it comes to essay writing and discussing the topic at hand.

Below are 10 of the best social issues to write about in 2023.

  1. Marriage of people of the same sex

Do you give support to gay marriage legalization?

In all 50 states of America, everyone is allowed to marry persons of the same sex. This trend in the whole globe is becoming popular. Some people are in support of same-sex marriage, but others, on the other hand, are totally and strongly against the legalization of this act.

The opinions of the public vary if gay rights are to be protected or completely to be abolished. Amongst people some are in hope that the law is going to be passed, but others are on a different edge, trying to bring it down with all the necessary means.

  • Vaccine

The novel coronavirus was introduced on the face of the world by the end of the year 2019. The virus was first spotted in china, and later it spread to other parts of the globe within a very quick span of time. This virus then became a major issue in accordance with e-commerce or the social matters in the globe as a whole, affecting each and every country. Since the coronavirus emerged, the globe at large has struggled to move back to its previous social and economic step.

It takes almost ten years to develop a vaccine for any kind of disease. But due to the contagious nature of the covid-19 and the rate at which it can spread from one person to another, thus development of the vaccine in a quicker process and giving accurate results that require the least use of humans was required.

  • Gender identity

This is one’s personal realization if the person is male or female. This also interlinks to the roles that a particular gender plays.

The way a person identifies his/herself has often raised a lot of questions. One of the questions is whether the identification of gender is supposed to add to the anti-discrimination law or not.

The statistics reveal that almost 51% of the population in the whole world gives support to the addition of gender identity into the anti-discrimination law. This type of debate is a never-ending one, as it keeps arising again and again, but each and every day, it keeps changing due to the different countries and the different religions.

  • Poverty and Hunger

Even before the coronavirus emerged in the globe, 10.7% of the whole world’s population was faced with hunger on a regular basis. Since long ago, hunger and poverty have been an issue that needs to be solved, and these social issue has remained to be a stubborn social issue. This is also one of the major social issue that is gaining popularity on an individual level.

Most people in the world believe that hunger is one of the social issue that must be eradicated and a permanent solution to be presented, thus stopping people from dying due to hunger.

  • Empowerment of women

More than ever, in the 21st-century women, are fighting to get rights. In all aspects of the society, it is clearly observable how women are taking part in each one of them. Women's voices are currently impactful more than ever, and they are participating in all affairs, whether general or political; their voices are vital.

The women's empowerment history is complex and long. Each and every year, the world at large celebrates women's day in every day of March 11th. This is done as an opportunity to uplift and celebrate women. This is also done in support of gender equality. On the other hand, still, women in some parts of the globe are still struggling with basic rights because the progress has not been consistent.

  • Overpopulation

This is a social issue that has been experienced all over the world. The issue also interlinks with the economic issue. The rate at which the world’s population is rising is becoming unpredictable. The resources that are to support this type of population rise are not enough, and each day that passes by, these resources keep reducing in number and their availability. This social issue is also leading to the rise of other social issues like poverty, hunger, and unemployment, to mention but a few.

Statistics show that currently, the world population is 7.7 billion persons. This population is expected to rise from here to 8.5 billion by the end of the year 2030. Some of the world's places the population is increasing at a high rate are American and African countries. Some of these countries that are facing a high rate of population increase are already facing some other challenges, like a lack of adequate resources to feed the current population. In the whole globe, some countries are taking the task of eradicating the high rate of population increase by use of population control methods. An example is the country of China, where they made a rule of only giving birth to one child.

In order to avoid the social issue of homelessness, unemployment, and even hunger, people are going to have to migrate to other planets in the near future.

  • Change in climate

This is a major issue around the globe. This social issue is affecting the whole world's population. This is due to technological advancement, the rise of the global population, and the rapid rise in population, which are just but a few of the things that are affecting climate change.

We are already experiencing warmer summers, long summers, large amounts of rainfall, fewer amounts of rainfall, or even no rainfall at all, maybe even delayed rainfall, frequent wildfires, severe storms, and many other climatic effects.

  • Adoption of LBGT rights

This social issue is talking about the LGBT community having the same and equal rights as the straight couple in adoption. This debate is major as couples who are of the same gender are supposed to have adoption rights or not. This issue is becoming common among the society members. Statistics show that 81% of society back up the claims that even the gay couple are to be given the right to adopt children.

  • Health care

There is a long list of issues that arise when it comes to health-related social issues. Statistics show that over 97 million persons in the globe cannot access health care services. This is in accordance with the (CDC) Center for Disease Control.

The private institution, in partnership with the government, is working on the ways through which they can cope and counterattack this problem.

  1. Racism and discrimination against religion

Racial discrimination and religious discrimination are two social issues that are significant and evident in society. These social issues are evident in the African and the American countries and other parts of the globe at large. The phobia of Islam, also known as Islam phobia, is a social issue that the Islamic community has to cope with day in and day out.

Above are the top 10 social issues that are common to people all around the globe. For more information on social issues, visit fleekpapers.

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List of social issues in the Philippines

  • Drug abuse
  • Women’s rights
  • The gay rights
  • Gun control
  • Animal rights
  • The scientific research ethics
  • Obesity
  • Islamic-phobia

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List of social issues in South Africa

  • Sexual abuse
  • Mental illness
  • High rate crimes
  • Transgender issues
  • Hate crimes
  • Sexual abuse
  • Arms transfer in an illegal manner
  • Child abuse and molestation

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List of social issues in India

  • Civil rights
  • Bullying
  • Nuclear power
  • Pollution
  • Gender roles
  • Pollution
  • Nuclear power

List of social issues in America

  • Prostitution
  • Noise pollution
  • Animal sex
  • Hate speech
  • Schools shortage
  • Privacy
  • Same-sex marriage

List of social issues in Pakistan

  • Racism
  • Pornography
  • Plagiarism
  • Voting issues
  • Waste disposal
  • Police brutality
  • School testing through exams

List of social issues in Australia

  • Sexism
  • Climate  change
  • Homelessness
  • Sexual harassment
  • Terrorism
  • Single parenting
  • Water pollution

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