One of the most valuable skills a student can learn is developing an analytical essay argument in the high school and university academic journey. This type of essay will make you make good personal decisions and learn how to navigate life's challenging obstacles. In our day-to-day life, we analyze things each time and learn through this analysis. When one learns how to write an analysis paper, he/she formalizes a process that creates a template they are supposed to follow. In this article, our professional writers have provided enough information that you will learn relating to writing a winning analytical essay, how you can choose an excellent topic to write about in your analytical essay, not forgetting step-by-step instructions on how you are going to compose effective paragraphs.

What is an analytical essay?

An analytical essay is one of the most common colleges and university essays that scholars will be assigned to in their academic journey. The topics that can be tackled in an analytical essay range from books, movies, events, sports, historical periods, or anything that may require emphasis on the further understanding of how it works or its nature. In an analytical essay, backing up the information presented with factual evidence and providing proof is a rule that must be followed. In this essay, emotional appeals and personal anecdotes are not supposed to be used in an analytical essay. In a persuasive essay, you analyze one side of the main topic, but when it comes to an analytical essay, this is where you even analyze both sides in a clear and conscience manner. You are supposed to cover the viewpoints that are personal ones if you agree or do not agree with the topic that you are analyzing.

An analytical essay outline

The analytical essay is just like any other essay. There is a standard format and structure that it has to follow in accordance with instructions given by your professor. An analytical essay is supposed to fall between 500 – 1000 words. This indicates that you need to follow the standard 5-paragraph essay format that consists of the basic things: the introduction, the paragraphs of the body – 3 in number, and as always, the conclusion. If you are supposed to write more than 1000 words in accordance with your professor's instructions, or it can be due to your interests, then you can extend the body paragraphs. Before you develop the original essay copy, it is essential to create an outline; thus, it is always helpful in planning so that you can eventually get a structured overview. Many people often assume the outline writing part, but this time is usually usefully spent when you create an outline because it will save you time in the future parts of the writing process.

Now let us get down to the details of the elements that are contained in each section:

  • The introduction


Background information

The thesis statement

  • The first paragraph of the body

The topic sentence,

The evidence supporting the topic

Then the transition to paragraph 2 of the body

  • The second paragraph of the body

Topic sentence

The supporting sentence

Then smooth transition to paragraph 3

  • The third paragraph of the body

Topic sentence

The supporting evidence

The transition of the conclusion

  • The conclusion

The significant points and claims summary

The restating of the thesis statement

The key takeaways to the reader

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Analytical essay structure by

The introduction to an analytical essay

Just as with writing any other academic essay introduction, the writing of an introduction to the analytical essay is similar. The introductory part of an essay is usually the first thing that a person or reader notices and reads in your essay. This part of the essay will give the reader information about the whole essay. For an introduction to be good, it has to meet the following requirements: state the main aim of the whole paper, and give hints at the claims you will make in the whole essay.

At all times, you should always make the first sentence to be the hook. This indicates that the reader’s attention is supposed to be captured in the essay's first sentence. Here you are supposed to both engage the reader and give them an understanding the reader on what the essay is all about. A hook can be a joke, a curious fact, or an engaging question. You can put anything that relates to your essay's main topic.

The next step in your introduction is to provide background information on the essay’s main topic. The analysis is done from somebody else’s work; it can be a book, a movie, or even a play, then you provide the title, the year of release, the director’s name, and much more. But if the academic work is not common to the public or a concept abstract, then you should provide some brief background information so the audience can better understand the main topic.

The next thing is that you are supposed properly state your thesis statement. The primary purpose of your essay is expected in the thesis statement. This is one of the main things that will give your essay's primary purpose. The thesis usually comprises one or two direct sentences to the point. The two sentences are going to identify the main point that you are going to analyze. The hints, and the claims that are presented in your essay, also give your opinion that you have on the main point.

Thesis statement

Creating a good thesis statement can be challenging in any academic writing. A thesis statement mentions the main aim of an essay with just one or two sentences. For a thesis statement to be successful, it must give the reader a clear understanding of the essay. The conclusion in relation to the analysis you performed is the main thing that the thesis statement in an analytical essay is all about.

In the thesis statement made in the introduction, the information that is backed up in each point of the essay paragraph is also supposed to back up the thesis statement and provide credible evidence for the claims made. Thus creating a thesis statement is very important, as making the statement relevant and direct to the point. The thesis statement is supposed to be a manageable length because it will make a point of proving the main aim difficult, and thus you need to be specific. Take a look at the following thesis statements:

  • The biggest problem in the world currently is climate change.
  • In the future, video games are going to be more important
  • To teenagers, reality shows are bad

The main topic that will be analyzed is supposed to be interesting, and thesis statements will be covered in one essay. How exactly the topics are supposed to be analyzed is rarely mentioned. Below are better versions of the thesis statement:

  • One of the driving forces towards climate debate change is youth activism in relation to the policy changes affecting the government.
  • The introduction of gaming in the education system is essential for humanity's future.
  • The false reality television shows that affect teen's self-esteem

The thesis statement above gives an analysis of climate change, the topic, video games, and, lastly, the false reality television shows. The main aim is to emphasize specific elements and add one's opinion. This offers the paper a set of directions and informs the reader of what the paper is about. The thesis statements above also, in a different manner, also indicate the way that the main topic is going to be analyzed. How the information on a certain topic will be presented in the body paragraph, and how the evidence will be given.

Analytical essay main body

In the standard 5-paragraph format, which consists of three paragraphs of the body. In the analytical essay, you can write even more body paragraphs in relation to the instruction you are given. You are supposed to discuss the evidence in each body paragraph, thus backing up your claims.            

  • The topic sentence that correctly indicates the main direction of this paragraph,
  • The main piece of evidence for your claim
  • The supporting information
  • The smooth transition to the next paragraph

The first sentence in your body paragraphs is supposed to give the reader a specific idea of the issue that the whole paragraph will discuss. Take, for instance, that the essay talks about "game fiction” in the education system. The first body's topic sentence can talk about “videos that are educationally based in the third world countries are being improvised in most of the third world countries to aid the students that can’t get access to the schooling systems that are often standard ."The topic sentence example can adequately give an explanation of what the whole paragraph of the body is all about. The example also gives you ways to provide the necessary factual evidence.

A good topic sentence helps the person reading your work to be on track with the flow of your analytical essay. For example, you are conversing with your collogue fellows on an issue. Your topic sentence is the main support piece you are supposed to make.

The other parts of the body's paragraphs consist of factual information that proves the topic's sentence validity. In each paragraph of the body, you are supposed to communicate about the issue at hand. Thus it is evident that you provide information that must be factual and related to the main claim that you are making in the paragraph of the body. Please provide as much information as you can. But it would be best if you kept in mind that providing dense information will make the paper difficult to read for the reader. Thus mention the essential information only.

Lastly, you end your paragraph with the topic statement brief restatement, thus emphasizing the presented evidence backing up your claims. This is an excellent way to transition smoothly to the next paragraph, containing a different type of evidence to another claim that relates to the main topic.

An analytical essay conclusion

An analytical essay's conclusion restates the points in the body paragraph and gives it a good finish. You are supposed to leave the information out of the analytical essay conclusion. On the other hand, you are supposed to summarize the necessary information in the essay as a whole in a clear and very brief manner. In simpler terms, this conclusion format is general throughout the whole analytical paper.

  • Restate the thesis statement
  • Give a summary of the main topic
  • Give the critical points of your evidence
  • The thought in the further analysis of the paper

The procedure to know if your conclusion is effective is by asking someone to read your analytical essay conclusion. If he/she can tell what the whole essay is about, you will know that you have composed a successful essay. When you restate the thesis statement at the beginning of your analytical essay conclusion, you will remind the reader of the essay's primary purpose. This will enable the reader to connect the thesis statement and the evidence you have provided.

Step by step, follow the summary that is very brief on the claim and each paragraph of the body analysis. Now that you have already shown the evidence in your essay and provided backup to your claims, then it is now time to reword the topic sentence and encompass a convincing argument. You should ensure that you refrain from giving any new information, however relevant it is to the conclusion. This is avoided because you want to avoid creating confusion for the reader. The conclusion should only contain information that is present in the body paragraphs. If you have additional information, then create a new paragraph.

The final thing to do is end the final part of the analytical essay conclusion with your thoughts. Give an explanation as to why writing on the main topic is essential,

Why does the perspective you have viewed on the main topic give rise to new information? Show how the analytical essay you have written compresses those of the experts in the fields.

Steps that you should follow when you are reading the analytical essay

Before you write down the original paper of your analytical essay, there are a few steps to make the process much easier. The preparation for your work should be there, and this will make your work easier. Thus the proper preparation of the quality of the overall structure.

How to write your analytical essay effortlessly

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Below are the simple steps to follow before writing your analytical essay

  • Choose your main topic:

Before you even start, think of the theme you will compose your essay about. It can be something other than a topic you know well about but choose a topic that, through writing about it, you are going to learn a few things about this topic or make your reader learn a few things.

  • Research:

 Even if you have picked a subject that you know well about, it is essential at all times to do an investigation more profoundly into your topic. Each time you properly study something, maybe a topic or so, more facts and points that are key to you will be relevant. You should use several sources and then encompass your results.

  • Make a plan for your analytical essay.

When you are writing your story, there are five questions that you are supposed to give answers to. In your setting, ensure the audience is in touch and is staying energized with your story, as it should always be interesting. Your boring story is the worst thing that can happen to you as you write an analytical essay.

  • Noting down your ideas:

 Create that time that you will take to writing your ideas, and keep a journal as a good idea. Sometimes anyhow, anywhere, and at any time, good ideas will pop up in your mind. This idea will earn you a good grade. Though they may seem unfitting, noting them down for future reference may encompass two ideas that will make up an outstanding essay.

  • Create a rough copy:

Keep in mind the flow of information and focus on them. Put your ideas in chronological order in accordance with your paper. Do not be in harry. Stay put and cool down your head, and read what your paper contains a few times.

  • Place everything in the correct order


 For your rough draft, reread it and remove all information present in your paper that may seem unnecessary. Then put your thoughts in an organized manner, and watch the flow of how your ideas give a smooth transition from one idea to the next. Your essay is supposed to be organized.

  • Begin to write the essay

 Know that you have a format, a satisfying format. It is now time to place your words into the final paper. Know that the structure is going to guide you along the way. Things may have a smoother flow than expected. This will not be a significant issue, as correcting it will be fast now that you have a plan. This plan will make sure that you are still on point.

How to write your analytical essay effortlessly

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Analytical essay topics

As we communicated before, choosing a good topic for your essay is crucial. This is why we have set apart this section of analytical essay topics.

Before choosing a topic place in mind that a good topic has to:

  • The topic has to be interesting to you personally
  • Attract and grab the attention of the reader
  • It should not be too broad or too narrow
  • Properly researched information on the main topic
  • It should ask an entirely important question
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Good topic finding and picking when it comes to an analytical essay is not easy, but make sure when you choose a topic, it has to be perfect and advantageous to you personally as a writer.

Below are some tips and tricks for finding a successful topic for your analytical essay

  1. Do a brainstorm on the essential information you will write about. Jot down the associating and the most exciting parts that come to your mind.
  2. From a different perspective, view your main point and rationalize it. Add onto a general angle and view the central point from a sociological angle and an economic perspective.
  3. In accordance with your teacher or professor, choose an analytical topic meeting the instructor's demands


  • In-depth, explore the main topic in the research process. Here gather all the necessary resources and information that seem essential in accordance with your main analytical essay topic.
  • To write about a topic that is engaging to your readers, choose an analytical essay topic that interests you. A topic due to interest that can make you stay up all night performing research on it.
  • Always write and compose short notes to help you write the final paper. Put down every piece of information that may appear necessary to include in your main paper but remember to be narrow and direct to the point at all times.
  • Make your topic narrow so you can write on the essential, exciting facts through your analytical essay. Also, as you are narrowing down your information on the topic, you are to make sure your topic is narrow enough as this will make your essay not qualify for the length part.

For more help on this critical part of topic picking, we have provided analytical essay topics below that will help you through.

The analytical topics in psychology

Below are analytical topics on psychology.

  • Qualification of one to be declared as mentally unstable?
  • Illusions, is happiness one?
  • In relation to lockdown, the mental effects it causes?
  • The reason why young people feel lonely?
  • Copping with depression, the most effective methods?

Analytical Topics about the Pop Culture

  • Concerning perfect games, why is DOTA a good game
  • Marvel movies and the impact that it causes
  • Why reggae music is suitable for meditation
  • Kanye West, the rise and fall he experiences
  • Science Fiction, analysis of its history

Analytical topics on history and art


  • Impact of the WWII
  • Postmodern art analysis?
  • Geniuses, can we refer to all artists as?
  • Lessons that humanity learned from the World War?

How to write your analytical essay effortlessly.

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